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Garage Door Rocket Boosts Elite Garage Doors Revenue with an Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy


Elite Garage Door is a highly reputable garage door company specializing in providing garage door services throughout the twin cities area. Elite Garage Door is devoted to delivering high-quality garage door repair services coupled with excellent customer service and they are continually searching for methods to expand their market reach and enhance their overall revenue through multiple marketing methods. 

The Challenge

In 2015 our founder Chris Denno started to partner with Elite Garage Door to help them to grow their garage door company.  The twin cities is a highly competitive region and staying up to date with all the latest trends in order to beat your competition can be nearly impossible for any garage door company owner to do on their own. That’s when we developed a full omni channel strategy to help Elite to continually grow their company’s revenue YoY. 

The Solution

Garage Door Rocket came on board to implement a comprehensive digital garage door marketing strategy tailored to Elite Garage Door’s specific business goals which supercharged growth and improved company revenue year-over-year. These solutions included: 

  1. Custom Website Development: The initial step involved is creating an appealing, user-friendly website. Garage Door Rocket designed and developed a professional-looking platform that reflected Elite Garage Door’s brand image. Their website was enhanced with compelling photos, client testimonials and  strategic call-to-action book now buttons placed all over to drive user engagement. Garage Door Rocket has also completed 2 website redesigns over the years in order to keep the website streamlined and to adhere to best practices focusing on improving conversion rates and job volume.


  2. Local SEO: Garage Door Rocket employed leading edge SEO tactics in order to drive continual growth for Elite’s organic traffic. We did this by continually auditing and optimizing specific important pages that drive highly relevant traffic that is more likely to convert into jobs. Another part of the puzzle has been continually optimizing Elite Garage Door’s GMB which has helped their GMB rank in more cities surrounding their physical location. 


  3. PPC: Running PPC ads on Google can be extremely challenging and difficult to do, especially if you try to do it with just using the advice from Google. While managing the PPC ads for Elite we have been able to continually drive 200%+ ROI every month. 


  4. Social Media Marketing: FB Marketing has been important as a garnish to our other approaches, specifically remarketing to existing website visitors in order to reengage them. 


  5.  Monthly Insights: Each month we have a strategy call with Elite where we go over what’s working, what needs to be improved on and what our next steps will be. During this process we discuss a myriad of other tactics that are aimed at helping Elite to improve their bottom line and continue to grow. This strategy call has helped us to really dive deeper into the levers of growth for their company over the years we have partnered with them. 

The Results

Elite Garage Door has achieved remarkable year-over-year revenue growth by having Garage Door Rocket diversify their approach to business expansion through an omni-channel marketing strategy.

By adopting this multifaceted approach, Elite Garage Door has managed to establish a robust and sustainable business model that continually drives growth and customer engagement through several channels, cementing themselves as a leader in their region. 

Client Testimonial

new elite garage door testimonial


The collaboration with Garage Door Rocket allowed Elite Garage Door to grow their company through effective digital marketing channels and position their brand to stand out from their competitors in their region. By taking over their garage door marketing, Garage Door Rocket helped Elite Garage Door to continually grow their revenue YoY. 

This case study highlights the potential business growth garage door companies can achieve with the right multi-faceted marketing strategy. At Garage Door Rocket, our primary goal is to help your garage door company to grow, ensuring you hit your revenue and sales goals.

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