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Running Google paid search can be a necessity at this point for any garage door company. Google paid search ads are a great way to capture the daily demand of your local garage door customers.

Paid search ads work with targeting specific keywords that we pick such as: “same day garage door repair”, “emergency garage door repair” or “garage door repair Houston, tx”. When a user searches for that term in a location that you specify and clicks on your ad you only pay per click. The truth is that garage door companies pay some of the highest cost per clicks out of most industries. What does this mean for garage door companies? It makes it a lot harder to run ads and optimize those ads when cost per clicks are so high and every click needs to be as optimized as possible. 

Here’s what we bring forth at the Garage Door Rocket when you work with us on your paid search ads for your garage door company:

Fraud Prevention

 Around 20% of paid search traffic can be from bots or competitors. We make sure to set up fraud alerts to reduce invalid click traffic so your investment in paid search goes further. 

Keyword Selection

We understand just the right keywords to select based on your business goals. If you’re looking for more installs or repairs we can align your paid search ads with those goals.

Local Map Pack Ads

Running ads for the local map pack and having that connected to your Google My Business are extremely important and powerful. We make sure to harness this for you so you can get better quality calls that convert into sales.

Powerful Ad Copy 

After working with garage door companies for several years we build out ad copy that increases clicks and turns into revenue.

On top of this we also go through a detailed monthly report that shows approximately how much revenue can be attributed from our Google paid search ads and what next steps we should take to hit your revenue goals. 

google ads performance

we focus On hitting your revenue goals

revenue income

We don’t just want to base performance off of only lead volume when we work with your garage door company. We want to understand your sales and revenue goals so we can work on hitting those numbers each quarter. That’s why we have tailored our garage door marketing packages to meet and often times exceed the revenue goals that have been set forth by our clients. 

If you’re looking to push your  garage door marketing to the next level, book a FREE strategy call with us at Garage Door Rocket today. 

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