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Effectively managing your garage door company’s social media is a very important part in ensuring customers can find you in more than 1 place, as well as showing that you are staying relevant and active. Studies show that customers review multiple areas before making a purchasing decision, so the more you can remain active on social media platforms like Facebook the better off you’ll be at establishing yourself as a leader in your region.

Our Social Media Management Services

Many companies view social media as setting it and forgetting about it and only posting once every few months. This isn’t ideal because if a customer asks for referrals on FB from their network and receives multiple referrals they will likely choose the company with a better social media presence that can showcase recent projects completed or helpful content helping them to make a decision on whether a specific garage door material would better fit their specific needs.

When we work with garage door companies to manage their social media presence we handle it all at Garage Door Rocket, which includes:

  • Ensuring company profile is completely filled out to ensure accuracy of data.

  • Routinely posting recent jobs completed if images are shared.

  • Scheduling promotional offers in order to drive sales for installations.

  • Routinely posting helpful articles that customers would find value in.

  • Holiday specific posts to show customers your holiday hours & holiday spirit!

Keeping active on your company’s social media page and having high quality ratings can lead to more revenue and sales in the long run. Customers can be more likely to work with companies with active social media profiles because it can showcase a more personal side of your garage door company. 

Another side note is that on the right you can view that the 3rd organic position for a garage door related search brought up a company profile which also shows ratings without needing to even click into FB. This is valuable because the high ratings on the google map pack along with the FB social media ratings on organic will likely create more social proof for your company and lead to the sale. 

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We'll drive more revenue by managing your social media presence

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We don’t just want to base performance off of only lead volume when we work with your garage door company. We want to understand your sales and revenue goals so we can work on hitting those numbers each quarter. That’s why we have tailored our garage door marketing packages to meet and often times exceed the revenue goals that have been set forth by our clients at Garage Door Rocket

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