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omega garage doors new website cemented them as a leader in their area


Omega Garage Doors LLC, a leading new garage door installation and repair company, faced challenges with having an online presence when they first launched their company. To address these issues, Garage Door Rocket partnered with Omega to design and develop a beautiful, responsive, and optimized website that not only increased their online presence but also boosts their brand image.

The Challenge

Omega Garage Door faced difficulties establishing an online presence as they lacked a website and wanted to build a social media presence. Determined to boost their visibility and attract more leads locally, Omega decided to research who could build out a new stunning website and help them to manage their social media presence. 

The Solution

Garage Door Rocket created a custom website tailored for Omega Garage Door. This included:

  1. Website Design: Garage Door Rocket created a stunning, responsive, anduser-friendly WordPress website that showcased Omega’s services and extensive portfolio. This website is by far the best website in their region and has cemented them as a leader in their region with how elegant and sleek the design is. 


  2. SEO Optimized: The new website was built with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring it would rank well in search engines and attract a steady stream of organic traffic that converts into leads and jobs. Omega Garage Doors also signed on with our SEO package which has helped them even more in their region. 


  3. Strong Call-to-Action: Garage Door Rocket strategically designed and placed CTAs throughout the website, encouraging potential customers to reach out and make inquiries. 

  4. Social Media Strategy: Garage Door Rocket put together a comprehensive social media strategy with a content calendar for regular posting that has been important in helping Omega stand out in their area with a fresh stream of content and images being posted that help their customers with questions and various common issues. 

The Results

By partnering with Garage Door Rocket, Omega Garage Door experienced impressive results:

  • Improved Brand Image: The new website design truly set Omega apart from competitors in their region, which was characterized by subpar and generic-looking websites. Various customers that have interacted with their website have expressed how nice it looks and this has improved their overall image in their community. The new website coupled with establishing a social media presence for Omega has been important in allowing them to focus on the day to day while their brand lifts to new heights. 


  • Increased Traffic and Leads: SEO optimization and the stunning design and layout of the website resulted in an increase in traffic after 6 months of the website launch.


  • High Conversion Rates: The improved user experience and well-placed CTAs led to a high number of inquiries, even within the first few months of launching. 


Garage Door Rocket’s expertise in website design, development, and marketing strategies proved to be invaluable for Omega Garage Door. The company’s new website not only attracted more traffic and generated leads but also elevated its brand image, positioning Omega as a market leader in their region. 

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