1 simple tip to get reviews for your garage door company

Here’s a simple trick for when you go to a customer call and complete a garage door repair or an installation – ask for a review before you leave the worksite before you’re finished and walk through your work with the customer. It’s imperative in order to get a review before you leave because if you don’t it can be more difficult to get that review afterwards.

This can be done by texting them your google maps link with the review link or by showing them directly on their phone depending on how good they are with finding information on their phone. In this day and age there is advanced software that can help us to increase & improve a garage door company’s reputation online by getting reviews from customers but still one of the most effective ways of getting those reviews is right there in person with the customer. 

Secondly one of the biggest wins that we see for clients to increase their review volume is to integrate a platform like HouseCall pro directly into the sales process and automate the request for reviews from your customers that way. This makes the process as smooth as possible, especially if your techs are forgetting to ask while they are out int he field. 

Failing to request reviews will only hurt the reputation and online presence of your garage door company over time so ensuring you have a steady stream of reviews will prove to be priceless. 

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